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Leon Van Gelderen

About Leon Van Gelderen, PC

For more than three decades, the real estate attorneys at Leon Van Gelderen, PC have represented clients in real estate litigation and negotiation throughout Atlanta, GA. From construction litigation and business disputes to insurance claims, Mr. Van Gelderen’s experience is broad yet defined, having successfully won many crucial cases on behalf of our clients.

Attorney Profile

Leon Van Gelderen is the founder and principal attorney at Leon Van Gelderen, PC. He is an experienced business, real estate, and insurance attorney who has helped countless clients protect their assets and rights in a wide range of cases. He serves both individual and commercial clients in the Atlanta metropolitan area as well as statewide. Mr. Van Gelderen is an aggressive advocate for our clients’ interests in business, real estate, and insurance law in Georgia.

Education and Experience

Mr. Van Gelderen is a graduate of the Georgia State University College of Law, where he earned his J.D. degree in 1986. He joined the Georgia Bar in the same year and has been a member in good standing ever since. He devotes his expertise to business law, insurance law, and real property matters.

Personalized, Comprehensive Counsel

Mr. Van Gelderen is an experienced negotiator and litigator with the necessary experience in the courtroom to protect your rights during all phases of your case. He offers clients personalized, comprehensive counsel designed to meet their specific needs and goals.

Quality and Affordability

Our firm takes the time to carefully answer your questions and explain your available options. We ensure that you are informed of any important developments in your case and provide the high-quality, affordable legal counsel you need to successfully resolve your legal matter.

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Leon Van Gelderen, PC provides exceptional homeowner or contractor representation for effective and efficient resolution in all aspects of construction and contract litigation. We focus on the construction industry and residential investor interests for negotiation, trial, or mediation services.
We have handled more than 100 contract disputes for virtually all business concerns, including court cases and real estate mediation. Our thorough legal team works to resolve contractual breaches and conflicts with swift resolution.
Many of our clients are real estate investors with issues related to property management, leases, collections, tax liens, and partnership disputes. We have extensive experience in handling litigation with co-owners or partners over profits and liquidation of property. We have handled more than 100 business disputes for all business concerns. This includes court cases, mediation, and arbitration.

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